High Water Pressure

10 Dec. 19

What Happens When Your Home has High Water Pressure?

Water pressure is a must for the water to reach your home. The water pressure fluctuates sometimes and it can cause problems for you and your home’s plumbing system. Low water pressure can be irritating as the water comes at a slow pace and you may not be able to take a shower or conduct daily chores properly. People may think that high water pressure will be sufficient for their needs, which is more than 65 psi, but it actually can be very harmful for the pie system. High water pressure has consequences that can damage your water system. We are listing down some issues that are caused by high water pressure.

Faucets and Fixture Leak

If you are witnessing that the faucets are frequently leaking and your toilet is running when not even used, then you should probably check your home’s high water pressure. These leaks and running water can be caused due to high water pressure. Without even using the faucets it will start dripping frequently. Your toilet will turn on itself frequently and the water will get refilled even though you have not used the toilet for hours.

Pipes Start Leaking

You may encounter a pipe leak very rarely with a normal water pressure of 60 psi. But when you increase your water pressure, it can affect the piping system badly. A normal leakage is a small hole in the pipe from where the water starts seeping out slowly. But sometimes, the leak could be a big crack or a loose fixture connection. Such leakages can lead to flooding in a few minutes and it can damage the house badly. If you are facing frequent leaks from pipes, then you should check the water pressure.

Banging or Knocking Noises

You will experience loud banging noises due to high water pressure when you shut off the water. This thud sound comes when water stops flowing suddenly, and the water tries to find some way to go. When the water has nowhere to go it stops at a place, and puts pressure on the walls of plumbing pipes. This pressure can lead to leaks in the pipes.

Failure of Appliances

High water pressure can become a serious problem for your appliances. Many appliances like a water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator and ice maker depend on the connection to the main water supply. When there is too much water pressure in these appliances, it can cause pressure regulators of the device to fail. The failure of the pressure regulator can affect the components of the devices which handle the water flow in the device

If you are facing such issues at your home, then do check your water pressure levels. To have regular and efficient water pressure keep the water pressure at 60 psi. If you are facing troubles with your plumbing system, you can contact us for excellent solutions and services.