Prevent Clogged Drains

22 Jun. 20

Things You Shouldn’t Do To Prevent Clogged Drains

Running late? “Let’s pour the greasy residues in the drain.” Not a good idea! Sometimes, what goes down the drain, stays in the drain! As dramatic as it may sound, you should be extremely careful of what you pour down the drain. If the residues fail to be flushed or drained completely, it may result in severe clogs. While it might be a quick wash away for you, it might be awfully hard on the pipes and your drainage system. 

So, in order to avoid clogged drains in Ottawa, we recommend you to avoid pushing the following things down the drain.

Paper Towels or Toilet Paper

The popular claims that toilet papers can be flushed since they do not clog drains are completely rubbished when plumbers find them as the root cause of the clog. The same goes for paper towels. Paper towels, even though they are biodegradable, do not dissolve immediately after they are thrown in the toilet or drain. If the clog stays till your toilet, it’s easy to unclog. However, if they clog the entire drainage system, it’s a serious problem.

Ground Coffee

This might confuse you, assuming how small the granules are after you brew a hot pot of coffee. However, the clutter of granules is not small enough to pass through the drainage. Most of the clogged drains in Ottawa are a resultant of this ground coffee. Thus it’s an absolutely bad idea to throw them in the drain. What you can rather do is to either throw it away in the trash or use it for composting or some DIY face scrubs that always make rounds on the internet. Simple!

Adhesive Product Stickers

These minute and harmless substances can be a great threat to your well-working drainage system. The little adhesive that’s on these stickers is enough to stick to the pipes once they are thrown in the drain. Also, since these stickers are not water-soluble, they will not go away anytime soon unless the adhesive comes off. While this is not guaranteed, the more the stickers you throw away in the drain, the more they will build up leading to clogged drains.

Oily and Greasy Substances

While pushing the oily, greasy or fatty elements down the drain might seem an easy way out to wrap up your cooking quickly, they will create absolute havoc in the long run. This grease, oil or other fatty foods like meat fat, butter, mayonnaise can stick to the insides of your pipes and again, results in severely clogged pipes. What you should rather do is wait for the fats, or grease to cool off completely and throw it away in the trash.

The list surely doesn’t end here, but considering how these are the most common things for clogging, we state reasons why it’s a bad idea to flush trash down the drain. Before clogged drains in Ottawa become a serious problem for the residents, it’s best to take measures and prevent such instances. However, if the mistake has been committed already, Pentech Plumbing is equipped with the best tools to get rid of that severe clog.