Bathroom Faucets

23 Dec. 19

How to Increase the Efficiency of Bathroom Faucets?

Faucets are one of those appliances in your bathroom that you won’t care about until they break or leak due to some other issues. Giving attention to your faucets early will help in preventing any plumbing issue. Damaged faucets will need a plumber’s attention and can cost you more depending on the amount of damage caused. Maintaining your faucet will help them in the long run and also save you from any big trouble in the future. Here’s how you can increase the efficiency of your bathroom faucets.

Conduct Daily Maintenance

The faucets don’t need significant care to maintain. A little maintenance daily will be enough to make your faucets stay healthy in the long run. You can clean your faucet using a damp cloth with a mild cleanser, and later you can dry them with a soft cloth. You always have to keep the finish of the faucets intact. Ensure you read the label on the product and follow the instructions given on how to clean the faucets because sometimes your usual cleaning habits can damage some delicate surfaces of the faucet.

Clean and Remove Deposits

When it comes to water supply, some people may be living in the areas with hard water supply. Hard water contains high amounts of minerals that can leave some amount of deposits on the faucets. It can be tough to remove these deposits with a cloth. So you can use a window cleaner or an abrasive scrub to remove the minerals. Another solution that is also eco-friendly is using vinegar. But again, take care of faucet’s finish. If the deposits are tough to remove, you might have to use a specialized cleanser.

Clean or Replace the Aerator

The aerator mixes the air and water to ensure the smooth flow of water from the faucet. Cleaning the aerators is important as they are also prone to build-up mineral deposits. You can clean the aerator by simply removing the aerator and placing the parts in the order they were removed. Clean the aerator with water and reinstall. For hard water deposits, soak the aerator in vinegar, when done then reinstall it. Or better if the aerator is old you can replace the aerator with a new one.

Perform Minor Maintenance

With regular maintenance and replacing your aerator, there are some other maintenance aspects that need your attention. There are tiny components in your faucets called seats and springs that can face normal wear and tear. You may need to replace these damaged springs and seats. Hardware stores provide a faucet kit for the repair of your faucet model.

Keep these tips in mind, conduct regular maintenance yourself or there are wide numbers of plumbers available that you can call. Faucet maintenance will save you from any major plumbing problem in the future. If you have any faucet- or home plumbing-related issues in the Fraser Valley, you can contact us. We have the best-skilled plumbers to provide you with excellent services.