Toilet Problems

15 Nov. 19

5 Toilet-related Problems You Shouldn’t Overlook

Overlooking a problem makes it worse, and does not provide a solution to the issue. Such are toilet problems that can get worse over time. You should attend any toilet problem and call a plumber for toilet repairs as soon as you spot them. Ignoring them can lead you to pay expensive bills to fix them. Toilet problems don’t go away automatically; you will have to fix them. We are explaining below some toilet problems that you should not ignore.

1) Remove any Mold

Mold and mildew shouldn’t be left unattended in the toilet. Mold is harmful to humans; it can affect your upper respiratory system and agitate allergies. So, you should fix the mold growths right away without much delay. You should call a professional to remove the mold; they will remove the mold more efficiently than you would. Leaving mold on the walls for a long time will eventually cost you a lot of money when you will have to clear a larger patch of walls.

2) Unclog the Toilet

Clogged toilets are one of the common problems, and also, they are easy to solve. But if a clogged toilet is left like that and not resolved, then it can lead to serious problems with your toilet. Clogged toilets not only create inconvenience but they are also messy and unsanitary. Clogged toilets can lead to costly repairs depending on the cause. You can resolve a simple clog yourself with a plunger, but if the clog is serious, call for professional toilet repairs.

3) Stop Running Toilet

Running toilet has a lot of reasons behind that can make your life difficult. It could be that the chain might be blocking the flapper. Or due to sediment build-up, the flapper won’t be able to seal. Lastly, the flapper may be worn and it’s the time to replace it. If you keep a running toilet unresolved, your costs will go up. A running toilet will consume a huge amount of water that will eventually increase your water bill amount. 

4) Fix a Rocking Toilet

A rocking toilet is the one that moves back and forth. Rocking toilets can also trap the bad odours in your bathroom as the toilet may not get cleaned properly. It will also lead to leaks from the toilet and that can lead to major repairs for your toilet. You first need to know what is the cause of this problem. Mostly, depleting caulking is the reason for this problem. So make sure you re-caulk your toilet. If the issue persists, call our plumbers immediately.

5) Fix a Rocking Toilet

Phantom flushing is a problem where the toilet flushes out by itself. It is a problem where the water leaks from the toilet tank, causing it to refill by itself. And because of that, you can hear the flushing sound. You should fix it because of phantom flushing can consume a huge amount of water.

You have now known these problems with your toilet. So you should not ignore them and call for toilet repairs. To get the best plumbing services, you contact us.