Plumbing Tools

07 Jan. 20

5 Plumbing Tools You Must Always Have in Your House

Every household frequently faces various plumbing issues. Even you don’t know when you might face one. When you are facing an issue and heading towards calling the plumber, stop and think, will you be able to handle the plumbing issue yourself? Sometimes, the plumbing issues are not much huge and you can easily fix them with the help of some plumbing tools. To fix the plumbing issue yourselves, we are enlisting some plumbing tools below that you must always have in your house.

1) Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is a long wrench used for loosening or tightening the fitting on large pipes. The pipe wrench has a long metal handle with two serrated protrudes, which are adjustable to fit with any connection. The pipe wrench is perfect for tightening, loosening, replacing or removing the pipes. You should keep one such wrench at home for any emergency.

2) Adjustable Wrench

This is the basic type of wrench used for many purposes. The adjustable wrench should be first on your list, as it can tighten or loosen nuts or bolts of any kind. The size of the grip can be changed according to the fittings. The jaw locks in, so it doesn’t slip when you are working. It would help if you bought both variations of six inches and ten inches to use them flexibly for any plumbing issues at any place in your house.

3) Plunger

A plunger is the basic plumbing tool that every household should have. A plunger is very easy to use when it comes to removing clogs. And they prove best for less complex and smaller blocked drains. There are two types of plungers that you can use, one is cup plunger and the second is flange plunger. Cup plunger is effective to clean the drains from a flat surface like a sink or tub. The flange plunger is useful to clean the drains of toilets more effectively.

4) Plumber’s Tape

The screws fitted in the pipe can wear down over the course of time. This will eventually lead to leakages in the pipes. A plumber’s tape will be useful in sealing the leaks by wrapping them around the leaking area of the pipe. It will help to block off the water during emergencies.

5) Auger and Snake

An auger and a snake are the tools that work together to clean the clogs which plungers cannot clean. They can easily move through a toilet drain then it is hooked to the clog and then pulled out. The auger is used to clean the toilet drains whereas the snake is used for cleaning sinks, tubs and showers.

These are the basic plumbing tools that are a must for you to keep at home. These tools will come handy for DIY plumbing. Still, there are various plumbing issues that you won’t be able to handle yourself. So, you can contact us for excellent plumbing services.