Sewer Back-up

06 Dec. 19

Causes of Sewer Back-up

Sewer system at your home is very vital to make your life easier. All the wastewater collected in your home is drained out by the help of a sewer system. But what if your sewer starts backing up the water to your toilet and drain, this is called water backup. When your sewer pipe is clogged and the water can’t go anywhere, that’s when you need a plumber for sewer repair. You shouldn’t ignore the sewer problem. Sewer back-up is a very serious problem, and if ignored, it can cause a lot of troubles later on. There are various causes of sewer back-ups that you should know to identify and prevent the clogs in your sewer system. 

Putting Anything in the Drain

One of the common and unattended causes of sewer back-up is putting any garbage in the drain. People flush down things in a toilet like diapers, baby wipes, paper towels, soft tissues for the face, etc. In the kitchen sink, people put things like food waste, sprouts, peas, seeds, oil, fats and wastes that lead to a sewer back-up. You should not drain down soap residue in the kitchen sink. Putting so many things in the kitchen sink and toilet will ultimately clog your sewer.

Tree Roots in Sewering Pipes

Another root cause of sewer back-up is tree roots. Tree roots can grow into your sewer pipes and lead to clogs in the sewer system. Tree roots need water we all know, but when they don’t get water from their surroundings, they try to find the source. The source of water could be a hole or pierce in the pipeline connecting to your sewer system. As tree roots can travel deep and wide, they will seek water and reach the source. This will lead the roots to cut through your sewer pipe and lead to a sewer back-up. Then you will need a sewer pipe replacement.

Cracked or Damaged Sewer Pipes

Your home may have aged and so must’ve your sewer pipes. Older sewer pipes can get collapsed or broken and they will cause sewer back-up. Whether your sewer pipes are made of cast iron, PVC, clay, or plastic, they won’t last forever. Sometimes, the sewer pipes collapse due to lack of groundwork support or the earth’s movements. At such times, you need sewer repair or replacement because it could lead to a sewer back-up in your home.

These are the primary causes of sewer back-ups. Now, as you are familiar with the causes that lead to sewer-backups, it will be very helpful to identify them. It is very crucial to identify the causes before the sewer repair. If you are suffering from any sewer issue or plumbing services, you can contact us.